Monday , July 26 2021

Is this the right reason why you should not send ELVIN KADRIC? Discoveredole discovered the great secret of Izabel's mother: Luxury Villa is GORELA! | Stars

Bad relationship between Isabelle's mother, Sweet's boyfriend and Elvin Kadrić, was number one in the village "Parova" for weeks. Đorđe Tomić decided to find out what's really going on here, and he set the house on fire in Zemun.

"You loved Benjamin because she has money! As usual, you want a boyfriend for your daughter, so Elvin does not work for you," he raised a huge dust.


"Do not get lost, ole! The relationship with Benjamin was for rivalry. Benjo has nothing," she jumped out.

Slađa Petrović repeatedly denied the allegations of Đole, saying that all she does not really support is the daughter-in-law in front of the cameras.

"I will never interfere with Isabel's choice, but I think the effect of sex is high in front of the cameras," she explained.

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