In the tavern, seven times with a knife, a singer and accordionist Slobodan Betulic Betula



01/05/2019. 09:22

Slobodan Betulić Betula

Slobodan Betulic Betula, Photo: printscren youtube

In the village of Bumbarevo Hill, near Knić, a famous Šumadijski singer and accordionist Slobodan Betulić-Betula (64) was stabbed into the night.

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For now, there is no official information on what circumstances were injured and who attacked Betulic. Sources from the newspaper "Kurir" say there was a fight at the restoration facility that the singer held in this village after which he received several stabbing with a knife.

At the Clinical Center "Kragujevac", it was confirmed that Bethulic was urgently surgery last night and was hospitalized with a total of seven points. He is currently on the respirator and is out of danger, but his condition is closely monitored.

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Betulic is the founder of the "Water Cup from the Source" event, and for the general public in Serbia, he is known for his role in the "Happy People" series. He's the author of hundreds of songs.


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