How to cool cars in India – PHOTO cow balm


Owner of Toyota Corolla in India Seylan Shah has found an interesting way to cool your car at high temperatures.

Drew Angerer photo / Getty Images

Drew Angerer photo / Getty Images

In the following days in Ahmedabad, in the western Indian state of Gujarat, temperatures of about 45 degrees are expected.

To avoid overheating your vehicle, Shah decided to completely cover it with animal feces.

The chess covered the corolla's body with a cow's ball, sparing only the windows, wheels, favors, and door knobs.

The bald cow is common in rural India in the fight against the heat, covering the houses in the hot months.

So far it has not been recorded that someone tried to apply it in the car, and there is no doubt that passengers will have problems with the smell while driving.

Three years ago, Ahmedabad registered a temperature of 48 ° C, while in the same year the record in India was 51 ° C in the north of the country.

Every year, hundreds of people die from heat in India, and the hottest months are May and June, followed by a monsoon season with heavy rains.

In 2012, an experiment was conducted showing how insects use baleen to refresh their litters.

Researchers in South Africa and Sweden have found that insects climb up the bales to calm down.


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