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IVAN MARINKOVIC ONLY FOR HAPPY.RS: "He's a cat lost in time and space!"

1. A week after you were marred by your quarrel with your sister, who publicly stated that you did not follow the "Couples", she did not support your relationship with Jelena Ilic. You asked her to report to the program, after which you were discussed painfully. Are you kidding and your sister's failure to influence the relationship with Jelena?

"I'm sure she's very close to the Couples, I know that." Because of all the frenzies that happen outside, she fell under some influence, because that's just the continuation of her annoyance since last season. it's rare that she does not support my relationship and I'm so weird, I'm complaining about the ugly words I gave her, no one will affect my relationship with Jelen, and my sister no longer needs to get involved.

2. John's deer sister was more than cruel to you. More recently, Jelena's mother, who also does not support her relationship, also joined. She was hurt by the disrespect shown by Yelena's family and how you now feel of bills?

"I know for Jelena's sister that she is not for our relationship, and now I see that the rest of the family is not for that." Her best friend did not wash my things, and it's an indication of intolerance to me. I hit it all, just because It's a better feeling when you have full support, Yelena's love is the most important to me, and I'm sure that it all strengthens our relationship.

3. Many commented that they were happy because of all the events because they were in the spotlight all night long with Nikola Lakić ahead. Are you ready to go so far as to get to the top spot?

Well, if someone does not use these broken things and if someone does not need that kind of push to the foreground, then it's me. For Lakic I'm not surprised by anything, because the one who is lost in space, trying every way tries insert it in the event center, copy all new knowledge, both mine and some former good competitors, want to win!

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