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He tried to bring a dead friend, this is how Nicola's plan to get rid of Millie's body failed!


10/26/2019 11:27 PM

Nikola K., 30, who was arrested after trying to hide the body of her friend Milica S., 28, who overdosed on an apartment in New Belgrade with three friends, first tried to hide the body of an unhappy girl in a drawer underneath. from the bed, and so on put it on the sixth floor.

Gandhi House Police

Police, Photo: prinstskrin /

It should be remembered that Milica Stanojevic's body was found the other day in the trunk of the man's car in whose apartment the girl died a few days earlier, probably from drug overdose.

After hours of extensive search, when Block 63 in New Belgrade was blocked, police arrested suspect Nikola K., who was hiding for days in the apartment to keep his dead girlfriend's body, along with three of his others – Milos G. , Dušan D. and John V, who helped him try to get rid of the unhappy girl's body.

According to unofficial reports, Nicholas phoned friends on Thursday night, so the girl's entire body housed in the bed drawer began to descend from the sixth floor. In their bizarre attempt to hide the crime, they left traces – bloodstains near the elevator to which they tried to transport the bed. They reached the second floor, where they were supposedly tired, and tried to take the girl's body without a bed.

Photojournalists took pictures of the "discarded" part of the bed, which was in the building yesterday. They then tried to carry the body into a purse, but were seen by neighbors and called the police.

The police

Police, Photo: Printscreen / Youtube

– Four young people were arrested in a car before leaving the block. The girl's body, which probably died for at least five to six days, was found in the trunk of the vehicle – says a source familiar with the investigation.

The day after the horror was revealed, the neighbors of the Gandhi Street building were shocked that it had happened in the building.

“Something started to smell unbearable in the building last night. He felt throughout the building, but we didn't know what it was about – one of the tenants in this building was upset. As they say, yesterday afternoon they were suddenly occupied by the police and only then did they hear what had happened.

Minister Dacic visits Alo's booth at Media Fair! (PHOTOGRAPH)

AUTHOR:Č. DATE AND TIME: 10/26/2019 3:46 PM – 10/26/2019 4:31 PM Ivica Dacic visited our booth at the current Media Fair and revealed to us what has not yet been done to anyone! Ivica Dacic, Photo: Yoshida He told us which books he would recommend to politicians.

“We notice blood today in front of an elevator on the fifth floor. We're horrified – say the locals. According to hitherto known information, Milica was in the apartment with Nicole and they were taking narcotics together. The girl overdosed and died, after which he called neither the ambulance nor the police, but kept his body in the apartment he rented in this building for days. When the body began to feel and the building was spreading a strong and unbearable odor, he asked three others to help them get the body out of the building and get rid of it somewhere. The apartment would have found Milica's cell phone, which was taken for expert evaluation. Subsequently, police launched a search during which all of New Belgrade was blocked.

Milica S.'s disappearance was reported last week, so the unhappy girl is believed to have died in Nikola's apartment by then.


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