Hackers managed to "explode" on the phone of the richest man in the world


Earlier this year, Jeff Bezos, in addition to his business success, also found the media because of his private life. He announced a divorce from his longtime wife, but he had to be charged with a blackmail threat by the National Enquirer magazine.

They threatened Bezos to release photos and private messages that he exchanged with his lover.

However, Amazon's boss did not react exaggerated, so he was dead on the Internet to publish the contents of this blackmail and all the information that someone might be interested in, instead of paying the necessary amount of money for the magazine. However, what of course was doubtful was that anyone could get private data from the richest man in the world.

The head of Amazon's security service announced that his investigation showed that Bezos's phone was hacked. Access to data supposedly had a certain group of hackers from Saudi Arabia. For now, it is not known to what extent they managed to "dig" the phone Bezos or if the magazine had some knowledge of him. The investigation continues, and Amazon experts hand the case over to the FBI.

It is speculated that the Saudis have hacked Jeff Bezos to avenge the writing of his Washington Post, in which the country was accused of the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Kashogy, who disappeared in early October at the Saudi embassy in Istanbul.

What is true remains to be seen. However, it is not known which Bezos used the phone model.


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