Google will soon block the registration of embedded browsers


Applications on mobile devices, such as Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and others, come with their integrated browsers. The idea behind this is that users continue to use the app even when they click on a link. However, the problem with internal browsers is that it can be used to break hacker attacks and security.

Source: benchmark

Photo: guynamedjames /

Photo: guynamedjames /

Google is aware of this and the company has announced that it will block logging from embedded browsers starting in June. According to the company, "MITM interrupts communication between users and Google in real time in order to collect user data and log in. As can not be determined the difference between legitimate registration and MITM attacks on these platforms, Google will block the built-in browser log for June. " For those who do not know, MITM attacks represent a situation where hackers steal login user data when they enter it. This can often be seen in phishing emails, where you receive messages that you think are from the bank, and when you click on a link and enter your information, they are stolen. The change from Google is good news for those who do not feel secure in signing in to their Google Accounts through internal browsers, Benchmark reports.


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