Ginis record for the largest collection of games is broken


Ginis RegistryPhoto: Fortuna / Promo

The previous world record was set five years ago, when the North American Michael Thomasson had almost 11,000 titles. Shortly after the set set, he decided to sell his collection for a huge amount of money.

The new owner of the Ginis album was conquered this year, more precisely on February 2, and his name is Antonio Romero Monteiro, also from the United States. His collection features incredible 20,139 video games. What is very important to note is that these are not digital copies that are somewhere on a computer or in a cloud, but on physically tangible copies like boxes, cards, cassettes, discs that are in place anywhere in the house. the closet, the shelves, the ceiling, the floor … You'll admit, impressively, but a little scary.

It is especially interesting that the process of counting the video games themselves, in order to reach the tracking number, lasts 8 days.

Monteiro has video games for all possible consoles, and like any real collector, there are some special editions of games that come out in very small series.

Of course, it also has over 100 correct consoles, because what your video games will do if you can not take advantage of them.

The real question is how many of them actually played those games? Or how many of them crossed? We are not sure that there is enough time in a lifetime to turn each of these 20,139 titles at least once.

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