Gastoz entered the Cooperative, Marko immediately greeted him, Luna struggled with the shock and immediately left the house with her boyfriend! (PHOTO) | Telegraph


Moon could not hide his reaction when he saw Gastoz at the door of the White House.


Printskrin: Pink TV

Nenad Marinkovic Gastoz, who had a relationship with Luna Djogani in this rivalry, talked a lot about tonight in Zadar.

Gastoz has entered as a special guest who will entertain co-workers tonight and the atmosphere will lead to anointing, and Luni and her boyfriend Marko Miljkovic were not even seen when they saw him.

Marko immediately greeted Gastoz while Luna was in the room, and then she left, visibly upset and annoyed, and immediately returned to the house.

Gastoz joined Cooperativa, Printskrin: TV Pink

After a brief conversation with Mark, she greeted Gastoz and then with her boyfriend, they went out and commented together on the whole situation together. Luna then ordered her not to attend the parties, but not because of Gastoza, but because it was a celebration of Lep Mica's birthday with whom she was not in good relations.

Luna and Marko, Printskrin: Pink TV

Let's remember, Luna admitted that after leaving Cooperative 1 and ending with Slobo Radanovic, she met with Gastoz, and they had sex, but they had never been in touch.



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