After a week of buzzing, leaking rumors and rumors, the day came to see that this is the new one that Google has introduced into the gaming world.

Source: B92, play.co.rs

Illustration / Photo: Depositphoto / adriaticphoto

Illustration / Photo: Depositphoto / adriaticphoto

Although one thought that the fashion was about the console, ended up becoming a service of streaming of games called Stadia. Along with it, the Google Controller, whose patent was recently discovered, is also displayed.

If you are not familiar with streaming games in the cloud, it is a service with a powerful service on remote servers that runs demanding games in top-level settings and you can see these games back to you at the same time on the server's commands assigned.

That's how the need for a strong computer at home is needed, and just "having" the internet fast enough to get the video without latency and of course at least one device so strong it can play video in HD / 4K resolution. Everything else is on the server computers that rendered the game and alya saw it for you.

Although this works well on paper, it has never been able to bring it to the perfect level, where it is clear the biggest problem and still the latency of videos due to slow / unstable connections, but if one has the resources to say it then it is definitely google, pie Play.

That's exactly what Mad Mad Bakar, the developer of the project, claims to be saying that Google has huge data centers with more than 7,500 vortices and a branched network of optical cables on the seabed.

According to him, Google has partnered with AMD to create joint hardware for specific purposes for this purpose, but also with Unity and Unreal units, so that the games are tailored to the needs of the service.

Also announced is the first game coming to the service, it will be – Doom Eternal, which will run on 60 frames and 4k resolution.

The motto of the whole project is "Gaming for All and Everywhere".


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