FRIENDS ARE NEEDED, AND FAMILY HOW TO HAVE … Starlet's tears made her say it all publicly: This is Stanley's BEST POINT, and the two are WITHOUT PARDON! | Stars


Lepi Mica shocked everything when he was forced to cry Stanija Dobrojevic, after which the star was crying in tears. At that time, her friend Tamara Radoman, who was also a PR, talked about her and commented on Mica's behavior.

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At the same time, she played Luna Giogani, whose behavior towards stars and how she vomited. In particular, his accusation that Stanya used the moment to "act in the act of interpreting the crying victim" and shake it, as well as Stanija's family who carefully followed.

"That night we were very shaken, my mother, her brother, and I could not believe it. This is how Mica's behavior, and after Luna …" Tamara began.

"And on the moon, I'm horrified.If she said that Stanya was watching when she was crying, Stanija after she mentioned her father who was killed … This is her worst point.I do not understand how she could have said "I can not think of anything else except it's bad," she said.

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"The girl breaks everything for yesterday, she sees her jealousy, I do not know how to describe her, she is a bad man, I found justifications for her, but after that night I do not have another word", commented fiercely the friend of Stania.

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