Filming of the presenter 3 min after the intervention TO FREEZE A MAN, 7 FABRICS WERE REMOVED FROM HER


Jovana Jeremić, host of Happy TV’s morning show and reality show “Couples”, announced after the operation.

The famous TV personality is recognized for his great dedication to work, which has cost Jovan his health on several occasions.

photo: Printscreen

– What was left in your head when it all came out ?! We removed seven tissues caused by journalistic stress. The doctor is a genius. I’m brave in life for everyone, but I’m on my knees in front of the needle. With the doctor, I overcame all my fears. This photo was taken now, three minutes after the operation to remove seven tissues – revealed the presenter on the social network Instagram.

It is recalled that Jovana Jeremić had an adipose tissue operation last year, so she had to leave work for a while on the TV format “Casais”.

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