Thursday , November 21 2019
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Fiat saves ten models of electricity

Fiat opted for the change as it avoids millions of fines, restricting future European exhaust emission regulations by producing electric vehicles. Currently, five billion euros is Italy's largest investment in new technologies.

"We are planning to introduce 13 new or upgraded models, 10 of which will be purely electric. The first is expected for the 'Fiat 500', whose production begins in the second quarter of 2020. We are planning many hybrids and plug-in hybrid vehicles. "says Fiat's Piero Goliere. "

These technological changes will certainly influence the choice of a new model or the modification of an existing one being manufactured in Kragujevac, analysts say.

"We believe the future lies in electricity and hybrid versions, especially plug-in hybrids that can power the city during the day and, when necessary, there are SUS engines for longer trips," says Golieri.

Production of plug-in hybrid jeeps is expected in Detroit, and it is indicated that all-electric jeeps will be produced.

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