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Famous actress for the love of Serbian OTERAN of Croatia! She took everything, threatened her with SMRU and still lives a lot today!



06/25/2019 14:51

Heavy life history …

Mira Furlan

Photo: Profimedia

A life story of a famous Croatian actress Watch Furlan, who has achieved a successful career in our region and America, is a little unreal, as for a movie, because nothing from the moment she fell in love with a Gorana was the same thing.

But it was not "on the branch" where, in the end, she was forced to leave, they did not receive roses.

Mira was born in Zagreb and was a sex symbol of the former Yugoslavia. In his career, he has films such as "Father on the Official Way," "Beauty of the Wedding," "Cyclops." At the height of glory, in 1991, Mira moved from America to a new life.

That is, in 1986, the actress met the Serbian director Goran Gajic with whom she soon began the relationship. Since she lived on the Belgrade-Zagreb route because of her love, Croatian media accused her in the early 1990s of joining Serbia and publishing the articles in which she was called a traitor.

She was frequently visited by a psychiatrist, which is why she was also exposed to public condemnation. After she was fired at the Croatian National Theater, she was also deprived of the apartment she inherited from her grandmother, and daily received about 50 death threats.

Mira Furlan

Photo: Profimedia

In 1991, Mira and Goran were forced to move to Belgrade, where they went to the United States, where they worked to survive. Goran worked as a collaborator, assistant editor and editor, and Mira as a waitress, saleswoman and translator.

In the United States, she soon began to create a career. Initially, she played up to 110 episodes of the science fiction series "Babylon 5" from 1994 to 1998.

From 2004 to 2008, she starred in the American series "Lost", which achieved worldwide success, and was also widely seen in Serbia.

Mira Furlan

Photo: Profimedia

When it comes to living in America, she has repeatedly emphasized that it is not easy.

"America is, as we know, a very closed country that is not interested in anything but itself. I think most Americans do not know exactly where the country was called Yugoslavia because it does not know where the new countries were born in that region "for most of the local population of strangers," Furlan said in an interview.

She said that actors and actresses in the United States are treated as transit goods, and that they are often degraded regardless of the fame they have gained.

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