FAMILY OF THREE HOURS: Mire Markovic's ashes will be divided into THREE WORKS. Cremation to be held in Moscow | News


Mira Markovic, who died Sunday in Moscow, will be cremated in a special hall of a military hospital on Thursday in Moscow.

As the Messenger knows, the urn with his ashes will be delivered to Serbia on Friday, and the funeral will take place on Saturday, when the casket will be placed in Pozarevac, at the tomb near Milosevic.

photo: Private archive

As Marko Milosevic is on trial, and Marija Milosevic still does not have the documents with which she could leave Montenegro, the funeral organization took over the association "Freedom", of which Markovic was a member and one of the founders. Therefore, the ashes immediately after cremation will be divided into three parts, in three hours.

photo: Profimedia, Zoran Jevtic

– A part will be taken in an hour that will be taken by his son Marko Milosevic, the second part in an hour that will be delivered to his daughter Marija Milosevic, while the third part, the third hour, will be placed in Pozarevac near the tomb of her husband Slobodan Milosevic – says the source of our newspaper.




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