Facebook redesigns your mobile app


Facebook redesigns your mobile app

In addition to announcing a new faster and faster Messenger application with end-to-end encryption as well as new features for Instagram and WhatsApp, Facebook also announced changes to its top mobile Facebook application.

The new focus of the Facebook application will be in the groups, and FB5 will implement new ways to bring people offline. With 400 million subscribers in more than 10 million active groups, this redesigned application will make it easier for users to access groups and find new groups. A group guide will display a feed of the groups the user is a member of, with recommendations for new groups that might be interested in it. From today, Facebook users will see more content in the news feed of the groups they belong to.

The company also announced the extension of Facebook Dating services to 14 new countries (mainly Asia and Central and South America). The feature will allow you to find a related pair of Facebook groups, friends and other sections. Facebook also announces the Secret Crush feature, which allows up to nine friends to receive "Secret Crush" status. If one of them opted for Facebook Dating, they will get a message that they like someone. So if someone on your crush list adds you to your secret crush list, a link will be created.


Some changes have been made in the market, but are more focused in the US. On the other page, the new "Events" tab will show things and events around the user and even recommend desirable places to see. Tab will help you make plans with friends to meet at these places and events.

Some of the new features will be available immediately, while other Facebook users will be available in the coming months.

Source: PhoneArena

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