Extremely high number of applications for iOS and Android have a vulnerability that can steal your data | Telegraph


It seems that developers do not care much about our personal data

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Three-quarters of mobile applications have a vulnerability related to unsafe data storage, which makes Android and iOS users open to cyberattacks that would allow hackers to steal them from sensitive data.

Unsafe data storage is just one of the many vulnerabilities found by security experts after they have made a security assessment of a large number of mobile applications for iPhone and Android.

It is also the most common vulnerability observed in observed applications. In fact, 76% of the tested applications had this failure.

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Just over a third of the applications tested showed vulnerability to transmitting sensitive data.

Additional vulnerabilities found in one of five applications include sensitive data stored in the outgoing application code and insufficient protection against attacks using violent techniques.

Serious vulnerabilities have been found in 38% of iOS apps and 43% of Android applications.

And almost 89% of all detected vulnerabilities can be exploited using malware and without any physical access to the device.



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