Sunday , October 24 2021

EXCLUSIVE – Tumbaković selector from Serbia!



Trophy specialist, finally, before a function long forgotten

PHOTO: M. Antic

It saysZoran Stojadinovic

Ljubiša Tumbaković will take over Serbia's national team Mladen Krstajic! From extremely reliable sources, we know that the current Montenegrin picker is one step ahead of the appointment at the Serbian home club and that he is the only candidate who fills all conditions for such a responsible position at an extremely ungrateful moment.

The sudden departure of the Montenegrin bank before the game against the so-called Kosovo national team opened the possibility that Tumbaković took the national team of Serbia in the middle of qualifications for the European Championship. There is no doubt that it is Ljubiša Tumbaković not only the most serious Serbian expert, but also the man who several times in the election of the selectors had been harmed by the previous president of the FSS Tomislav Karadzic and current – Slavisa Kokeza.

Ljubiša Tumbaković In 2006, he won the FS Serbia Gold Ball, and that was in the hands of the then president of our football house. Zvezdana Terzića, today the director of the Red Star.

Read more in the June 12 issue of Sports Journal.

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