Everything or nothing! Guards of every weapon, Tottenham can raise the season in the air


Everything or nothing! Guards of every weapon, Tottenham can raise the season in the air

Ajax proved twice, and Tottenham hinted last week that good football could be against the strongest. That in the Champions League everything is possible and that nobody has a tape in the next round.

In just a few days, Tottenham could overthrow the entire Manchester City season, but also Guardióli the team can take great strides toward an incredible achievement that no one has ever been able to achieve – a four-fold crown.

Manchester City will score a first-leg goal in the quarter-finals and, by the end of the week, need a new win over Spurs in the championship race with Liverpool.

Regardless of the goal of the first match, Manchester City is a favorite for the pass. In addition to playing in his own field, he will play in a much stronger squad than in the first game. IS Guards so calculating or really could not count on some of the best, the dilemma is discussed on the island. It seems that his first match with Crystal Palace was more important than the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

But he saved a heavy artillery tonight. Almost all players compete for the team and Guards It's in sweet trouble with which offensive arsenal to attack. Walker I Laport remains in defense, but the other half is changing. Instead of Otamendi is expected Stonsand, instead, left Delfa more chances are given Mandy than Danilo.

It is difficult to guess and which trois in the midfield will be played by the Catalan. You give the last midfielder a chance Fernandin or more offensive Gundogan? De Bruyne It's safe, but no one knows who will play next to him. One option is David Silva, the other option is more withdrawn Bernardo Silva, the third option is to play back and play Gundoganand Fernandinho. Bernardo Silva he was sure, the question was whether the attack or something was taken off the link. If the Portuguese descend below, then it means that they Sterling I Are attack on the wings. If he throws in a lap, then he locks Are.

The only option no one mentions is Riyadh Marez who was invisible in the first game and out of all combinations. He is safe in attack. Aguero, while they go Zezus Have a chance in the second half. Sweet problems for Guards that alone can not count Zinchenka. They are perpetually injured They come Company recovered.

Whatever he decides Guards, Tottenham will find an offensive avalanche. What can serve you, because there are no injuries Kane attack in depth and try long balls and centers in the English spitz. Like this, Poketino there is no other choice of counter axes and rapid transition from which Son may jeopardize the citizen's purpose. That goal would be terrific for the Spurs, because despite Siti's ability to attack, the Spurs can rely on defense not to receive three goals.

Tottenham did not score in the knockout phase of three games, giving him much confidence before receiving Etihad. If Borussia Dortmund could be expected to score a goal in two matches, then a quiet net in the City match in London is really a feat. Truly, because, except for the penalties that are Loris defending, Manchester City did not create any serious chance. And tonight will be even more difficult to break this tumult because it is expected Poketino to return the system to five in defense and to the Belgian set AldervajreldFertongen turn on Davinson Sanchez. It will mean both a man ahead and a bigger possession of a ball for City, but he is Poketino ready to lean on muscles We are in I Sisoka which should cover a huge space, but His But I Eriksen with some lucidity threatened Ederson from the other plane or to throw the ball up Son. Tripy I Rose should prevent travel Walker I Mandy forward and making surpluses.

Guards in the previous two seasons fell with Sitie in the Champions League Monaco and Liverpool, and in both cases he missed his first games and failed to make the most of his return. He was brought to the club to bring the Champions League to the citizens and another downfall of a rival who is not a favorite to win (and Liverpool was not last season) could seriously put his question in the Champions League. He was brought to win by Barca, Real, Juventus, Bayern and tonight shouting from Tottenham.


Barcelona – Manchester United 3: 0 (2 hours) / first match 1: 0 /

/ Messi 16, 20, Kutinjo 61 /

Juventus – Ajax 1: 1 (1: 1) / first match 1: 1 /

/ Ronaldo 28 – Van de Bek 34, De Liht 67 /

21h00: (1,30) Manchester City (5,70) Tottenham (9,00) / First match 0: 1 /
9.00: (3.50) Porto (3.35) Liverpool (2.15) / first match 0: 2 /

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