EVERY DESIRE OF GEIMING The commercial chain is about to launch the PLATFORM TO PLAY STRIPING


WalmartPhoto: IGN adria / Promo

After the series of PC gaming configurations, the commercial giant Walmart seems to continue its craze with the sphere of popular entertainment.

As IGN Adria learns, we can soon see a Walmart platform for streaming video games. Apparently, the company has been negotiating with publishers in recent months, and GDC this year continued to build business partnerships.

While most of us are amazed, entrepreneurs are a logical answer to Google's recently announced Stadia service, which Google considers to be the next step in the consumption of video games. The Walmart data center in the US state of Missouri stores more than 460 trillion bytes of data, while the company also owns Walmart Labs – a research center in the Sillicon Valley that develops digital technologies.

Walmart has not yet officially commented on this rumor, and if it is accurate, it will have to be seriously closed for a company like Google to be good competition.

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