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Energy and effort at first, but it should also be 40 minutes …

Gavrilovic: Energy and effort at first, but 40 minutes too ...

Andrija Gavrilović he led Red Star in the Euroleague for the first time tonight, had a tough job after Milan Tomic's departure from the Red and White bench, bothered the team, but Barcelona proved to be too much a bite.

The team Svetislav pesic comes from Belgrade as a winner but the fact is Gavrilović he also had some good things to see in the red and white game. Let's see how long he will be sitting on the star bench and after the game he talked about different topics.

First of all about the game…
"We said earlier that this is a specific game and that it is an opponent of Barcelona. I am pleased with how we started the game with energy and effort. We were great in the first half, but that's how it takes the 40 minutes. The match changed in the second half. There are always two ways to see everything. First, Barcelona increased their defensive aggression by playing harder physically. She had some points on the counter, as we did the first time, that was the key. I must say that Barcelona are a great team with a top coach. I want to congratulate Pesic, because while they didn't look good at one time, they were quick to respond. Cory Higgins came from CSKA Moscow, we are talking about a very good player and he "scored" five fouls for his difficult defense. We have to emphasize that this is the team that plays for the highest possible goal."he said Gavrilović at a press conference.

That's why he didn't play Billy Beron?
"After the game in Tel Aviv, Beron traveled to America with the club's consent because his son was born. He arrived yesterday, yesterday was Wednesday and left on Friday. It's a five or six day trip, it was very tiring and it arrived before training. He did not train, did not prepare, other players saved, and that is the reason. I want to congratulate you on the birth of your child, not "rip" him… ".

One question belonged It will take me a minute ArdentThe DobrićThe.
"First, the minutes in the outer positions are shared. We have this distribution by roles, which Dobric is in a position where Lazic, Perperoglu and Jenkins are also … It is certainly necessary to monitor who has the effect and who should be in the field. It's weird talking about individuals this way, but I can see that he played 17.5 minutes Dobrić, Perperoglu 13 minutes, Lazic 11 minutes. It is more logical that one of them is not rotating so that a result can be obtained. You shouldn't look at anything sympathetically, I don't think Perperoglu and Lazic are any less "throw". Depending on performance, players have different features and share minutes. There is no other specific reason"he concluded Gavrolović.

There was no talk about whether he would Gavrilović stay in the seat of the Red StarTherefore, it remains to be seen what will be the decision of the club administration in the coming days.

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