Easy decision, he had to pay


Caballero: The hole was fantastic tonight; Sari: Easy decision, he had to pay

Expected, immediately after the game of Chelsea and Tottenham, Mauricio Sari he had to deal with issues related to Kepu and an incident that happened last weekend when a young Spanish goalkeeper refused to obey. The Italian in the League Cup final wanted to replace him with William Caballero, but he did not want to leave the court. Expected, Kepe was not in the team today …
"It was a very easy decision for me, Kepa made a big mistake and had to pay." This is a message for everyone on the team, for the whole locker room – we are not 25 individuals, but a collective that has to be strong. will be with us in the future".

Experient Willie Caballero He did not play against Manchester City at the will of his colleague Kepe, but he was a beginner tonight …
"We're hearing a lot about what happened that day, but we do not care, we're ready for anything." Kepa was fantastic today, he supported me. I think he learned a lot from that, we all learn and we become much better as a team "said Cabaljero with a smile.



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