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In the American tennis match with Hrvoje Čilić, any possibility that the final unscheduled round of the final tournament may be unfavorable according to our time.

EPA / Facundo Arrizabalaga

John Isner

Novak Djokovic scored a second win against German Alexander Zverev at the last annual tournament in London. To know that after two rounds he knew he was in the semifinals, the American John Isner should have beaten Marina Cilic of Croatia or lost to him but win a set.

The first Izner set came in a time of 7: 6 (7: 2). So Cilic knelt in the "extra time" of the set and the third time because Zverev was 7: 6 (7: 5), 7: 6 (7: 1). By the end of the game, the Croatian tennis player still had the strength to win and remain in the game for even more placement. The last two sets came with 6: 3, 6: 4.

In the last round of the group "Gustavo Kuerten" on Friday, Zverev and Izner and Djokovic and Cilic play. Our ace needs to take a set to be the first.

The eighth time will be played in the semifinals of the final tournament. He lost in that game only in 2010, when he was defeated by Roger Federer with 6: 1, 6: 4.


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