DRAMATIC LIBERATION OF THE BROWN FOR THE APARTMENT IS GORE ON THE 15th FLOOR: The fire has crossed our path, we have been trembling with smoke and slowly losing hope that we will remain alive | Black Chronicle


DRAMATIC RELEASE OF A BROWN THAT THE APARTMENT IS GORE ON THE 15th FLOOR: The fire crossed our path, we moved away from the smoke and slowly lost hope that we would stay alive

Illustration, Photo: Nebojsa Mandic

Only thanks to the rapid and efficient action of firefighters, a nightmare in New Belgrade was avoided when a fire started on the 15th floor of a solarium on Jurij Gagarin Street.

The husband switched the gas bottle, plugging in the installation, as the flames broke. He tried to cover her blanket, but it spread like lightning through the apartment. We hid on the terrace and shouted at our neighbors to call the fire department and emergency help. We get stuck in the smoke – the story of an old woman is beginning, which is still shaken by what she and her husband experienced, Blic said.

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Illustrationphoto: Dragan Kadić

At one point, they lost hope that aid would arrive on time.

Fortunately, firefighters managed to put out a fire in one part of the apartment, make a "corridor" and reach us on the terrace. Then they took us safely.

They were immediately taken to the MMA.

"Thank God, I'm fine, I do not have any visible injuries."

However, my husband is still in the hospital, he is burning his whole left arm and his eye is closed.

I already look at the apartment talking about extremely large damages.

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Illustrationphoto: MUP

Only one room remained intact, everything else burned. Almost everything is destroyed, even the bathroom we recently renovated – said a lady who did not want to see how relatives would not worry before contacting them.

That the situation was dramatic, the other tenants of this building confirm.

The thick smoke descended to the ninth or tenth floor. And with us it was difficult to breathe, much less the place where the fire was. We immediately ran down the stairs to the exit, "said a younger citizen.

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