Sunday , April 18 2021

Doncic demolished the champions, Butler "extinguished" Kembin 60 points

Luka Dončić turned off the imagination of Dallas fans, what kind of player can grow and how bright the future lies ahead.

Slovenian hand again was the best in a triumph over the Golden State Warriors NBA champions from 112: 109.

Doncic finished the game with 24 points, including a score after dribbling at 1:10 to the end (which brought Dallas a 109:10 lead), as well as two bids after that.

"You know how, I did it at Real Madrid, I love the shots in the last moments of the match, but this is still the highest level and the strongest league in the world," Doncic said after the match.

The players played without injured Stephanie Kary, but also without Dreymond Green, who is fighting Kevin Durent. How much a division in the team of champions is shown by the fact that they have lost four of the last six hours.

Durent gave 32 points but only 3 in the last quarter when "the result was broken," with a desperate shot in that section where he hit just a shot of seven attempts.

Clay Tomson finished the game with 22 points.

"You're not putting the NBA records in frustration," Tomson said. "I'm not going to go over missed shots right now, especially not so early in the season."

"We are all trying to go forward and not look at the disputes again," said Durent, "I'm sure that's what I want," he said.

Kemba Walker's career record and the 60 points scored did not help Charlotte Hornets take the sword to the finish and beat Philadelphia. Boxers celebrated 122: 119 after extra time.

The hero of Philadelphia was newcomer Jimmy Butler.

First, in the score 119: 119 blocked Walker, so that with the sound of the siren hit a three-point shot.

"I had to guess this troika in the end. If we continued to play, Kemba would give us 70 points," Butler said at the end with a laugh.

"I'm happy to have 60 points and a career record, but I'm really furious with the loss," Walker said.

Volker was the only one with Jeremy Lemben with 20 points.

Siksers Embid gave 33, Simons and Redik 23, Butler 15 points.

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