Debacle UEFA – Arsenal and Chelsea ahead of half empty stands in Baku?


Chelsea and Arsenal players can play in the Europa League finals in front of the semi-empty stadiums of the Baku Olympic Stadium, according to British media.

Source: B92, Tanjug

Photo by Catherine Ivill / Getty Images

Photo by Catherine Ivill / Getty Images

Both clubs returned most of the 6,000 tickets they received from UEFA, as there were not enough fans interested, because the deal, mainly due to the distance of 4,000 kilometers, is extremely expensive.

In addition, the game is accompanied by political upheaval because the Arsenal striker, Armenian Henri Mkhitaryan, did not receive a visa, since the two countries do not have diplomatic relations after the war.

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Arsenal fans even announce protest banners, but UEFA says it will not allow that.

The Baku Olympic Stadium has a capacity of 68,700 seats. The final is on May 29 at 21:00 CET and from 23:00 local time.


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