Dacic interrupted a series of comments during the debate on MP Imamovic’s amendment


During the debate on the amendments, the President of the Assembly of Serbia, Ivica Dačić, told MPs that she would not allow them to abuse the rules of procedure and prolong the debate with endless remarks, as well as that she would try to get MPs “to talk about the agenda “.

In the discussion on the first proposed amendment by which the parliamentary group “United Valley – SDA Sandzak” proposed adding “minority self-government” to the name of the Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-government, Mr Enis Imamovic and Mr SPS Djordje Milicevic exchanged comments on rights minorities, the situation in Sjenica, 1990s.

Milicevic said that the leader of the “SDA Sandzak” party called Serbia his stepmother until 2000, and after “our country”, only to later become a “fascist creation”.

Imamovic replied that “(SDA President Sandzak) Sulejman Ugljanin said that the fascist regime in Serbia had been defeated”, not that Serbia was a fascist creation and that it was a “journalistic version”.

Dacic did not allow a series of comments to continue, but in the continuation of the session, almost all speakers returned to Ugljanin’s attitude towards the state of Serbia, as well as to the position of minorities in Serbia, which, according to MP “Aleksandar Vucic – For Our Children “Marjan Risticevic. ten more “.

In the discussion of the amendments, SNS MP Vladimir Đukanović addressed the non-parliamentary opposition and told them that the SNS would always win them in the elections and that “they can come freely before the assembly to protest”.

Today, MPs are considering amendments to the proposed Ministries Law and are expected to vote by the end of the day so that the new Government of Serbia is elected by Wednesday, as announced.


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