Monday , October 18 2021

Cicipas better than Nadal, followed by finals with Novak


A great fight was seen between the second and ninth best tennis player on the ATP list.

Cicipas did not give lectures against the national tennis players in Madrid, he was very persistent and persistent in long exchanges and ended up defeated after more than two and a half hours of fighting.

The Greek reached the first set after just under an hour of Rowling's battle. Five pauses were seen, and in the end Cicipas scored 6: 4.

However, in the second set Nadal increased in intensity, played much better and materialized and showed through the result.

In just over half an hour, Nadal won the second set with a score of 6: 2 and won the third decisive set.

In the last set he played in the series. Cicipas opened it better, he managed to reach the first interval, which he realized and took advantage of 5: 2. Nadal returned the interval, but Cicipas denied in the next round. Great tennis was seen in the last game, Cicipas pressed and was aggressive and well worth it. Nadal saved four balls from the ball, but he failed, so Cicipas recorded a great triumph in his career.

In the final, Cicipas will meet Novak Djokovic, who in the semifinals was better than Dominika Tim.

The final is on the show on Sunday at 6.30 pm and the direct broadcast is on the RTS.

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