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But in different ways, it also gives you the knowledge when something is right with your health! • HAPPYTV.RS

THE EYES ARE MIRACLES OF THE SPIRIT: But in different ways it also gives you knowledge when something is right with your health!

Our body gives us different signs that reveal our state of health.

So our eyes tell a lot of things – this sensitive organ gives us different ways when we know something is wrong.

You are too stressed.

If your eyes start suddenly more than normal, this may mean that you are under a lot of stress. Ignition of the eyelids may also cause a lack of magnesium.

You are awesome in the sun.

Now it is winter and there is a little sun, but you know for the future: if a yellowish bulge appears in the temple, it can be a benign degeneration of the tissue (this is called a pinguécula). The culprit for this is UV light. Good sunny patterns. Really they can easily avoid this.

Very high cholesterol

A white gingham ring is made around the iris behind the forehead. It is full of fat and indicates a change of disturbed fat. Too much blood in the blood is dangerous and is associated with the risk of heart attack.

You have problems with certain organs

The color of yellow eyes is mostly a sign of problems with the liver or liver. Behind this, it is possible to hide both jaundice and disturbances in metabolism.

You've been very busy.

If the capillaries are in your eyes, do not panic immediately. As a rule, this redness disappears within two weeks. Blood in the eyes can also cause severe physical strain or high blood pressure due to sneezing or coughing – and then sensitive capillaries burst.

If they often break or do not pass, it can be a sign of metabolic disease, glaucoma or dysfunction in blood clotting.

You can see wrong

If you slowly but surely start looking at the world around you, it may be a sign that you need glasses. However, Visual deficiency can also be a symptom of diabetes.. In any case, seek the help of a doctor.

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