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November 7, 2018 21:45 |

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The famous Belgrade criminal, Nenad Grujovic, 41, died when he fell from the first floor of the building where he lived. The police were known to be thieves. He sued for murder but was acquitted

Belen criminal Nenad Grujovic, 41, better known as Crni Gruja, was convicted of several serious crimes, died in the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, under circumstances not yet clear. His body, in the pool of blood, was found in front of the building where he lived in Rua Djusina number 2, in the center of Belgrade.

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Ambulance was immediately transferred to the Emergency Center, but despite all the efforts of the doctors, he died at midnight. The autopsy was ordered as well as toxicological analyzes to determine what happened and how Grujovic was injured.

Black Thing was planning to steal?

His mysterious death is now the subject of investigation, but also of various speculations. At first it seemed that Grujovic committed suicide by jumping from his terrace on the first floor, but now he is determined if he wanted to cross the neighborhood, and then slipped and fell.

– Grujovic is an old policeman, known for robberies and robberies, but also accusations of having bled his hands – says the interlocutor "Novosti." "Now we're trying to figure out if the company, whose terrace is beside him, found it on its target. He knew he was using narcotics, so it was possible that there was a disturbance of consciousness and that he had sunk in ambition.

KEKIN MAN Lately, Nenad Grujovic is driving around a town in a car that was armed. Those who know him claim that for some reason he feared life. After taking the pistol, he decided to buy a car that would be his own protection. Otherwise, in the "White Paper" on criminal groups organized in Serbia, he was listed as a member of the "New Gang of Belgrade", whose leader is Dejan Stojanović Keka.

Those who know him do not believe that Grujovic has put his hand on himself and are convinced that unfortunate circumstances have led to his downfall.

Some neighbors stopped late today in front of Grujovic's apartment, when they heard the cries of his widow, who arrived through the open window. As they told us, she was asked through hail to continue with two children. And Grujovic's father came to the apartment today.

"I have nothing to tell you," Father told us briefly.

Grujovic's criminal history is full. In March 2016, the Supreme Court of Belgrade was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the theft of the post office on March 24, 2006, when security guard Vesko Babovic (29) was killed. He was accused of severe murder, but the job was reclassified to theft because it was not established which projectile struck Babovic when a firefight occurred between the post office security and the attacker. The court made a decision and to seize a little more than four million dinars, which originated from the commission of the crime.

Explaining the decision, Judge Svetlana Aleksic emphasized that Grujovic's presence at the site was undoubtedly established based on the biological rails found. However, as she pointed out, a major flaw was committed during the survey, since no missiles were found.

Grujovic spent nine and a half years in detention, and because of the length of the proceedings, without a decision, he sued Serbia – the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg, which upheld his appeal. Under that decision, it was ordered to pay EUR 6 000 for non-material damage. In January 2016, he was released from central prison when he was arrested at home.

Two months later, a first-instance verdict was followed by his house arrest. The Court of Appeals confirmed in April last year. Just two months before the verdict of the robbery in New Belgrade becomes valid, Grujovic is back behind bars. He was arrested in Banjica, during routine police control of police intervention, due to illegal possession of weapons.


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