Biljana Stepanovic on violence in society


New economy editor Biljana Stepanovic said on New Day that the atmosphere of each society dictates the top of the country and assesses, citing the latest examples of student breakup in Novi Sad, that violence avoids control.

"Here, when you see what is happening – no one is punished, the victims are unprotected … I think the violence is getting out of control and it really becomes worrying. Violators of all kinds feel that their five minutes have arrived" , Stepanovic said.

She believes that the government is incapable of reducing tensions and aggressions in society.

"If you are the ones who have produced violence and aggression, it is difficult to suddenly expect to be dominated and begin to diminish now. Give God a drop in tension, but what power has shown us to this time is that it works to increase tension. and divisions, "she said.

Speaking about six months of citizen protests, Stepanovic points out that there has been a tremendous dissatisfaction among people and estimated as unnecessary stories of protesters.

"Because the government itself produces revolt and dissatisfaction," she said, adding that she was "angry with power over all issues."

At the same time, Stepanovic says he begins to think "we deserve what is happening to us".

"Some say:" Wow, this opposition needs new people. "Others say:" Sorry, we will not party. "Third, the blame is on the former more than the presents, the room hates going out, the fifth says it's apolitical … So everyone has an excuse, and here the shooter, he is dissatisfied and sees that he is living poorly, "says Stepanovic.

Stepanovic illustrates this with the "boiled toad" syndrome.

"We are slow-cooked – the temperature increases, your threshold of resistance increases. People close themselves and in their homes, some have been rivaled by rialit, blind …," concludes Stepanovic.


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