Sunday , June 20 2021

Asteroids have fallen twice more on Earth than 700 million years ago

Large asteroids have fallen two more times on Earth in the last 290 million years, compared with more than 700 million years ago, according to a study published in the journal Science.

Scientists have said that there is no need to fear, as asteroids measure Earth every few million years, despite the increase in this phenomenon. This statement was previously confirmed by NASA's NASA Space Agency, stating that there is no immediate threat to humanity.

The greatest "possible" danger can be expected from a 1.3 km asteroid that has a 99.9% chance of losing Earth in 861 years.

However, some scientists believe dinosaurs and numerous species have disappeared from the fall of asteroids in Central America 65 million years ago.

"These events are so rare and far from us that we do not have to worry," said study author Sara Mazruej of the University of Toronto.

She and scientists from Britain and the United States made a list of craters larger than 20 kilometers on Earth and the Moon, saying a crater needed a flying asteroid about 800 meters.

The team of experts has established 39 craters with about 290 million years and nine craters over 650 million years old.

"We can see relatively few craters on Earth because our planet is 70 percent below the oceans and the ancient glaciers may have offset some craters," said researcher Rebecca Ghent of the University of Toronto.

In the last 290 million years, about 260 celestial bodies have fallen to Earth, representing 2.6 times more than 700 million years ago.

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