Apple's Qualcomm Reconciliation for Intel's 5G Decision


Companies Apple and Qualcomm have been accused for years of unfair business, which Apple claims to Qualcomm and the abuse of intellectual property and non-payment of fees, which Qualcomm claims for Apple. At the trial, which was expected to continue in April, Apple announced that "qualify Qualcomm for small businesses"But it will not come to that.

They will not, because they are Qualcomm and Apple officially agreed, agreeing that Apple would pay everyone that Qualcomm would be required to license Qualcomm's patents and properties in the next six years and withdraw all charges against the company. On the other hand, Qualcomm will withdraw its claims against Apple.

GSMArena shortly after the announcement of this news, she published a statement Intel officials who have announced that they are completely withdrawing production of 5G modems and chips, which is obviously the reason why Apple has discounted the Qualcomm process and accepts all terms along with mutual withdrawal of lawsuits.

Intel virtually sealed the fate of Apple in the future to have an iPhone 5G or iPad, since Apple would not sell it to modems and 5G chips.

Huawei denied he was in negotiations with Apple to sell chips to her and did not come to that, and Samsung did not want to cooperate with the Kupertin company in the 5G device.

Because of Apple's situation, it says GSMArena, was forced to make a truce with Qualcomm, since it was the only alternative IPhone 5G, without which Apple would no longer be relevant to the market. Thus, Apple has the chance to introduce the first 5G model in 2020.

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