Apple will invest $ 500 million in its Apple Arcade service!


The Cupertin company recently introduced Apple Arcade's gaming service that will offer users a broad range of game titles for iOS, MacOS and Apple TV platforms. According to the Financial Times, Apple intends to seriously dedicate to this service, the budget for Apple Arcade should be about $ 500 million.

That amount would be spent on various incentives for mobile game developers and on providing certain exclusives that will only be available to Apple users, but not to drive competition such as the Google Play Store for Android apps (but will be available on PlayStation , Xbox and Nintendo Switch).

In addition, it should be noted that these games will not be part of the usual offer in the App Store. To gain access to Apple Arcade games, users will pay a certain monthly fee and in turn will be entitled to access games that do not have limited content or require additional purchase for the full experience and do not contain advertising content. Arcade games can be downloaded to your device, and iCloud will synchronize the progress of the game.

Full details of Apple Arcade services have not yet been publicly announced, but users are expected to pay around $ 9.99 a month, of which the Cupertino company will retain 50%, while the remainder is going to developers in comparison with the popularity of its content.

There are also between 1 and 3 billion dollars of incentives that developers must get in advance as a way to create quality content. The Apple Arcade main service is scheduled for this fall.

Source: IT News


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