Apple and Qualcomm are back in love


Apple's technology giants and Qualcomm have agreed to terminate all lawsuits by mutual agreement. In this way, a legal battle was settled peacefully, which could cost several billion dollars.

An unexpected deal overturned a major clash led by leading US IT companies around the price of chips for mobile phones. The main issue was Apple's charge that Qualcomm was too expensive to charge for the items, which the company denied.

The Vanudium agreement implies that Apple pays a certain amount of money that has not been discovered. In addition, the companies agreed to a six-year agreement on a global patent license. He also agreed to the long-term delivery of Qualcomm hardware to Apple products.

The agreement between the companies means the return of Qualcomm chips to future models of the iPhone. Apple used its products for years, but due to mutual accusations in 2016, they switched to Intel chips on some models.

After the deal, shares of Qualcomma rose by as much as 23 percent while Apple's stock was flat. Clearly this is a big win for Qualcomm, which obviously brought Apple to the wall. That is, like the 5G in front of the door, the creators of the iPhone had fewer options because Intel was not a satisfactory option.

Now multi-year conflicts have been forgotten, so two IT giants can continue to fight together in the market, where Huawei has proven to be a very serious competitor.

Source: PC Press


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