Andrew Robertson: Marakana – a special stadium but we are better than last season


Andrew Robertson: Marakana - a special stadium but we are better than last season

A convincing 4: 0 in Enfield does not leave much of a dilemma. Liverpool is an absolute favorite before the collision of the Red Star. The difference in quality was seen in the first game and therefore the impression is that the public concern of the island is the worst of all in the atmosphere at the "Rajko Mitic" stadium. Andrew Robertson says that in Liverpool everyone knows what kind of environment they expect in the popular Marakana, but he says he will not allow them to break it.
"This is a special stadium and I expect a special atmosphere, but we will not let that affect us. We should even use it and turn it to advantage. At the end, in the field, we have 11 at 11 and when the game begins, we all think about the game"Said the Scottish scandal, which with its accent made serious trouble for the star performer.

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In Star they hope they do not cause any problems in the field. And the Star can make Liverpool a problem? They are red and white in this warm environment. Although Robertson It reminds you of something very important.
"Last season the Champions League for some of us was a novelty, so the road to the finals was an invaluable experience, we are now much more experienced, we know what to do in such situations. we want to do this, and the last two games we received from the first place in the group table.In the first game we scored a goal in time and played well.We just can not let Napoli repeat for us"He concluded Robertson.

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