Almost, Jake has a new club!


As reported by "Sky Sport Italy", Edin Jake continues his career
in the ranks of Milan Inter.

This transfer is speculated for some time, but the media of Apenin
now they say it's all over.

Jake stayed with Roma for another year of contract, there was no
talk about an extension of cooperation, then it became clear that this
years to change the environment.

In "Eternal City" arrived in 2015, for 15 million euros from
Manchester City.

In the season, the 33-year-old striker scored 14 goals
he entered 11 assists in 39 competitive appearances, he scored nine goals
scored in Serie A.

He will play Inter again for Rađon Naingolan, who has already passed
Roma replaced Milan with Rome.

Details of the transfer were not disclosed, but the media in Italy
that the two clubs agreed and only waited

This year, the Inter bank will be taken over by Antonio Conte, so it is clear that
Dzeko was his desire, as he once wanted


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