Again, they are buying more cigarettes, they are new prices!



1/28/2019. 10:35

The cigarettes of some manufacturers will increase since February 1, and in the following days, their example will be followed by all other tobacco products.

Smokers smoking cigarettes

Smokers smoking cigarettes, photo: AP

In January, there was another jump in consumption, according to the increase, the price of packaging was also increased by tobacco companies.

The state tax on tobacco is more expensive for 1.5 dinars, as prescribed by the consumption calendar. An increase in excise duty of 1.5 dinars does not mean so much an increase in costs. This raises the price of the package from six to seven dinars each time, because with the increase in the price of the package, the proportional tax is also increasing, which represents 33%, and with it, the higher the value added tax.

This means that each package will be increased by 10 dinars.

Only a consumption tax movement since 2017 has not been felt by consumers. All other increases in the state incursion tobacco industry have gone on new and higher price lists. In consumer organizations, they do not believe that people will have more state taxes on themselves because, as they say, no one can give up their gains.

As of February 1, Filip Moris cigarettes will cost 10 dinars more expensive, so Bond will cost 250 dinars, Chesterfield 270, Eve 120 will cost 360 dinars, L & M 260, Marlboro Red and Gold 340, Marlboro Touch 300 and Parliament 380 dinars.


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