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Additional quantities of 50,000 doses of the imported seasonal flu vaccine will arrive in Serbia’s health centers in the next day or two, the Minister of Health announced Zlatibor Ločar, who after a meeting with directors of greedy hospitals, said that Torlak vaccines against seasonal flu are currently available in health centers and that they are absolutely safe and can be received by citizens between the ages of 18 and 65.

Our trucks are looking for additional quantities today, that is, 50,000 additional doses that should arrive in the next day or two. After that, additional quantities will arrive every few days – Lončar said and advised citizens who want to protect themselves from the flu, to register with the competent Health Center to want to be vaccinated and will be invited as soon as the vaccine arrives.

Minister Lončar emphasized that citizens will be able to choose whether to receive the Torlak vaccine or the imported vaccine.

There are many people who insist on the Torlak vaccine. We have record vaccination coverage and this is a good precondition for not crossing seasonal viruses (like the flu) with corona – explains the minister.

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