470 million daily active users of the Huawei EMUI interface |


Wang Chenglu, Chairman of the Business Group with Chinese Users, recently announced that the Huawei EMUI user interface reached 470 million active users daily. The information was released during a press conference, highlighting the growing use of the EMUI user interface in recent years.

In addition, on this occasion, several interesting statistical data were highlighted. And now EMUI is available in 77 languages. It is used in 216 countries and regions of the world. It is currently used by two brands, both representing a part of the Huawei Group – I am Huawei, as well as the Honor of the daughter company.

During the conference, Huawei also talked about the history of its user interface, otherwise designed after the (former) iOS, that is, the solution of the former leader in the field of mobile phones, Apple. It is so emphasized that it is EMUI 5 was a fast and unloaded operating system, EMUI 8.2 brought GPU Turbo, EMUI 9 came with Link Turbo, and the latest EMUI 9.1 adds advanced file system and Huawei Ark compiler for better performance.

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