Yellow vests: the violent indictment of Ruquier against Macron and Brigitte


During his Saturday night show he became cult, the comedian and host of the event's production channel, Laurent Ruquier, in response to a statement of Emmanuel Macron in an incident that occurred during the repression of the demonstration of yellow vests, made in lèse-majesté, making dubious allusions about the age of the first French lady.

"Not good for Brigitte"

On Friday 29 March, the Nice public prosecutor opened a judicial investigation of the head of " Voluntary violence by person in charge of public authority In the person Geneviève Legay, an activist with more than 70 injured in Nice on March 23, during repression at a yellow vest demonstration.

A police error, which police and judicial authorities were willing to punish, but that did not prevent the president long vowel sign still shoot lady Genevièvre for not having had the form of wisdom To understand this when someone was as old and frail as she was; " we are not going to places that are defined as prohibited and we do not put ourselves in situations like these ".

For Ruquier, the president's visit to the incident was much more allusive to the fragility of the septuagenarian. In reply, Ruquier reminded Macron that, in truth, at the age of seventy, he should know this, since he had married one, and that he should follow his advice; " when we were careful we did not take a senior to ski "The presenter said before adding an ugly joke" I know, it's not good for Brigitte, but what you want, Mr. President, I'm like you, I could not help it. ".


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