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Why Pablo Sarabia would be a good kick for PSG

A considerable statistical result

It is often tempting, when one wants to assess the level of an offensive player that someone does not know, refer to their stats. And in the case of Sarabia, it is clear that he is a particularly decisive player. He finished the league with 12 goals and 13 assists, finishing in the tie with Lionel Messi. In the last few meters, it displays disconcerting ease when you need to complete the actions or distill those last passes to a teammate. Traits of his past as an advanced striker, a position he often occupied during his training. This is stronger, as is often the case, from the midfield or flank, and one might think lucidity may be lacking.

A gift price

If we talk about excellent deals for Pablo Sarabia, it is also because of what this will cost his future club. Quality / price level, there is probably no better opportunity than it is in Europe. We are talking about a release clause of only 18 million euros, even if an agreement cost 20 million euros between the two clubs! How much would it be worth without this particularly low clause, which dates from its arrival in Seville for less than one million euros? Transfermarkt is worth 40 million euros, but when we look at the latest sales of offensive players from Seville (Vitolo € 36M, Gameiro and Bacca € 30M) and price inflation, we can clearly think of a price exceeding 40 million. Evolving in Seville, a club that does not offer great salaries to its players, Pablo Sarabia should not ask for prohibitive fees to the club of the capital. The latest information published in Spain also speak of a salary of 5 million net euros per season. It's less than Julian Draxler for example.

Pablo Sarabia is one of the most versatile players on the planet.

What makes the strength of the Madrilenian, in addition to his important statistical contribution, can be a sacred Swiss Army Knife for his trainers. Proof, no one can tell you what your true position is! In his first steps with the reserve team of Real Madrid, he used to play at the peak. So when he went to Getafe, he was often seen playing in 10 while in his debut in Seville, he played a lot as a right wing, which still seems to be his preferred position. Under the orders of Jorge Sampaoli, the number 17 of the Andalusian club played as a side or piston!

This season he traveled again in the countryside, evolving frequentlyinterior right runner – in a 3-5-2. A position in which he excelled, and where he shifted his percussion and provocation qualities against a facet of creator and organizer who did not necessarily know him. A new position where it flourished completely, being the origin of a sacred duet with the right piston Jesus Navas. Its size is not necessarily very impressive, but it has a considerable amount of play, and in a matter of seconds it can end up in the engine room in the middle and then at the conclusion of the action. But most of all, they are never repositioned by default, only to solve problems in case of injury to a team-mate for example. All of Seville's coaches – and they have been numerous in recent years – have lined him up to the position where he could be more useful to the team's style of play. Thomas Tuchel's turn to do the same if he signs in Paris.

He matures

Pablo Sarabia is a player who is in the best moment of his career. At age 27, he has had a fairly linear evolution since the beginning of his career and is now in his premium. It is therefore much more regular than before, being able to chain the benefits of very high levels throughout the season, but also being dangerous throughout the duration of a meeting. A maturity that is felt above all in the game and on the level of your choices in the last few meters. If it also exploded the accountants, it is because now almost always makes the right decision in these decisive seconds. Its repositioning to a more axial position this season goes in that direction, as it requires reporters to read the game superior to the rest of the players and clean up on non-negotiable broadcasts.

Wishes of greatness he can satisfy the PSG

What is the next step for Sarabia? Be called in the national team, clearly. His absence in the last rallies of La Roja has made a lot of talk in Spain, especially since players like Isco or Asensio, who do not clearly leave their best season, were called. A visibility problem? A start at Paris Saint-Germain, and not in the Spanish subtopus clubs that coveted it as Valencia and Villarreal, it seems, in any case, to move in that direction. The possibility of playing and potentially far away in the Champions League should allow him to be in a competition perhaps less truncated with the players who play today in the great stables of the Old Continent. He is also a player who is hungry for titles, he who has not won anything with Seville. And if some highlight their lack of experience at the top level of the club and the pressure that accompanies it, we can not forget that Seville has one of the most demanding and passionate audiences in Spain, and the press in Andalusia is not one to chew their words .. .

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