What program for our champions?


Winter Encounter РVincennes: After the two emblematic events, Cornulier Prix and Grand Prix d'Am̩rique, the point of the remaining beautiful races

Winter meeting – Vincennes: Where are the champions?

Grand Prix de France, Paris Grand Prix, these two races will be great new events not to be missed for the lovers of the discipline, the two remaining events for the triple crown. After the American Grand Prix, the question of where the heroes will be going and the disappointments of the big race are returning quickly, and this year is no exception to the rule. Let's start with the locals of Jean-Michel Bazire, who put their three residents on the first four Sundays. Regarding the winner, BELINA JOSSELYN will defend his title at the French Grand Prix in ten days. She will then go to the Paris Grand Prix, where she took second place last year. For LOOKING SUPERB, the big surprise on arrival, he will not attend the Grand Prix of France, going straight to the Grand Prix of Paris, while DAVIDSON DU PONT, fourth and host of the event, his program will be the same as BELINA JOSSELYN, going to continue the competitions of the Triple Crown, always with the loose Franck Ouvrie. "Intruder" on arrival with the only one who did not finish more than 20 meters from the "JMB", the suspense is complete in relation to the one who was the title holder, READLY EXPRESS, no real answer no. Bjorn Goop gave a press conference on Sunday night, as did his coach Timo Nurmos. On the other hand, it is certain that PROPULSION will not be reviewed, having definitely left France. Entourage extremely disappointed, he will not go back to a new Grand Prix of America, he who will finally have been the best impression in the last three editions … Trotting in recent years, his goal will be the Elitloppet now … Not much surprises for the other protagonists of the 2019 American Grand Prix. On the side of the armed Guarato, who presented five subjects in the beginning, champion BOLD EAGLE, CARAT WILLIAMS and BILLIE DE MONTFORT will compete for the French Grand Prix, while CARAT WILLIAMS will be preserved for the Great Prize of Paris. Finally, the cadet ERIDAN, who suffered a foot on Sunday, he does not go on these races, but in a test against his only contemporaries, the price Ovid Moulinet mid-February. In addition, and not surprisingly, the seventh UOSS JOSSELYN goes on the French Grand Prix, the race that was his goal since the start of the meeting. Information also about champion BIRD PARKER, if an end of career was evoked after his disappointing course on Sunday, this is not certain, possibly will defend his title at the Grand Prix of Paris, at least if the opinion of the veterinarian is accordingly . Next to the assembled trot, the second group I for the age reunion of the horses is plotting this Sunday with the price of the Ile de France, generally great revenge Cornulier. But, on the other hand, it will not be this year since BILIBILI will not be there, his entourage not having found it flexible to exercise. Also absent planned for his second TRADERS, he who was at the beginning of the Grand Prix of America. Poster finally very average for a Group I, however we will find DEXTER FROMENTRO, third of the Cornulier, facing elements like DRAGON OF FRESNE, CASSATE, DALLIA DE VANDEL, ALPHA SALTOR or VALLE DE REVE. Following strongly!


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