"What he said is wrong and it is treason without the President's knowledge"


The remarks made by El Hadj Hamidou Kasse, Minister Counselor to President Macky Sall, to TV5 Monde's international newspaper provoked strong reactions in President Macky Sall's entourage. A few hours after broadcasting the interview he gave to the French television channel, Minister Yakham Mbaye, a member of the National Executive Secretariat of the Alliance for the Republic (Sen / Apr), denied in a formal manner. "What El Hadj Kasse said is not in accordance with reality, what he said is false and it is treason without the knowledge of the President of the Republic …" Macky Sall is not aware of this media release. we see the president's advisors talking all the time.

Yakham Mbaye, in this interview given to Dakaractu, said that the prosecution should summon him to testify in this alleged case of corruption. A case which, in his view, only affects President Macky Sall. & Quot; It's to put you in trouble. The simplest expression of loyalty is to protect him. So what he did sowed doubt on every level.

What worries people who are upset is after Macky Sall. So what El Hadj Kasse did is condemn with the last energy. What he said is a serious mistake, "said Mbaye, who also spoke about Aliou Sall's call to resign from the Caisse executive's office.



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