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WeWork sauv for Softbank, here croit au potentiel de l'entreprise

New York (awp / afp) – Célébrée il ya encore en l'économie du partage étées, WeWork co-working interstate entertainment at the sauvée by the Japanese action group SoftBank Group, which and deplete a lieutenant in place of the emblématique PDG son.

SoftBank Group an annonce mercredi an injection of 5 million dollars worth of additional funds from the WeWork also on which to publish the amount of money that can be encore, for a maximum amount of 3 million dollars.

SoftBank Group lending to the WeWork of a bond for an amount of $ 1.5 million will also be added to the firm nippone.

SoftBank, which currently acts 29% of the capital of WeWork, will hold 80%, but "in the greater control of the voting rights of the board of directors". I do not depend on the need for the division of the dogs in the raison for her and the resignation.

"WeWork will be a partner of SoftBank," is his indication of a communiqué.

Masayoshi Son and Croit

The SoftBank plan, owned by the Millipay Masayoshi Son, implies a definite share of the leading instances of the PDG Adam Neumann, a number of vouchers on the finer side of the mills, and a repayment for potential investors.

"SoftBank is strongly convinced that the work of the work is radically changer train. WeWork is the avant-garde of this revolutionary revolution. It is rare in this country that the technological pioneers of the world are only confronted with similar croissance problems. to the help of WeWork from the front, "Masayoshi Son, fondateur and president of SoftBank Group, cite dans le communiqué.

The Millerdaire Son is the most publicly known of the press conferences to Tokyo on the merits of WeWork and Son Discours by Donc Inchangé.

D'où, explain M. Son, and note that "SoftBank has also decided to provide an important injection of capital and operation to WeWork."

For an opportunity to enter into transactions, SoftBank will deplete the board of directors of The We Company (WeWork's Social Raising Director) Marcelo Claure, who has already helped to redirect the services branch Sprint aux Etats-Unis.

The extravagant patron Neumann does not conserve more than a petite participation in the capital and a symbolic title of the observer.

Sans l'apport financier de son actionnaire nippon, WeWork, relayed to the catorie of speculative investments by the notation agencies, if it is retrograde to the liquidity court of the late November, to the analysts' financiers.


WeWork's illustrious appreciation of the difficulties of a concert which saw his troops visit the grandioses, comforting them by investing prior to the passing beaucoup of the "stars" of his new economy.

Further, as with Uber and Lyft, the question of whether there are multiple multipliers with the greater capacity of WeWork at the profitable and faire face of the world's economic slowdown, the real estate agent is now aware of some of the touch-screen premieres.

WeWork, where the ultra-modern bureaus do not have situations in the heart of the megopoles such as London or in New York, is also in the mood to be renamed as early as one of the introductions in Bourse plus the attendants of the Année.

The Wall Street entrance aurait pu lui per se from lever au moins 3 Milliards of Dollars and a Beneficiary plus a Credit Line of 6 Milliards of Dollars with major Banks.

A rebound for the beaucoup of the Argentine feeder in the rapid expansion, with the increase in the accusation in 2018 for a total of 2 million dollars for a 1.72 million dollar horn.

With SoftBank's plan, "In our aurons it is possible to continue to rationalize in activities and stabilizer in activites without sacrificing the mark", on comment by Artie Minson and Sebastian Gunningham, the co-directors of WeWork, and also by these Communiqué.

They have recently come to the firm of their coeur de metier, the co-working (spaces of bureaux tout équipés paragés). The sale of non-strategic activities and suppositions of previous examples, as well as sources from the dossier.

WeWork manages aujourd'hui plus 500 sites that are part of a trentaine de pays, and emple 12,500 salaries.

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