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Wedia: Wedia obtained ISO 27001 certification

Wedia, international group, leader in solutions and logical services for marketing and communication activities as certified and valued as required by ISO 27001.

It has been successfully followed by its clients, Wedia Adapte, by more than one year, assisting in the development of its businesses and by enabling it to fulfill its regulatory requirements. In fact, it is possible for a large client to have access to it, and he is essential to introduce them into international standards in terms of quality and process management.

Aujourd'hui, cette certification translates the investments in the group in terms of protection and securization of donations. In addition, the International Standard ISO 27001 has a sound engagement and volition of the insurer and maintenance of a verifiable information management (SMSI) management system for its clients.

International standard, the ISO 27001 standard for the conditions required for piloting a securitization for an organization and for setting the objectives of the SMSI.

WEDIA's proposal (Isin: FR0010688440- ALWED) –

Cotone on Euronext Growth, WEDIA is an international group, leader in solutions and logical services for marketing and communication. The Marketing Resource Management Cloud Cloud supports clients with a long cycle of marketing content (text, photos, videos, 3D…) based on their creation of diffusion and the effectiveness of their efficiency.

WEDIA accompagne for 250 marques and complete plus 550,000 users plus 40 pays. These are the successes and reconnaissance of their clients without confirmation by the analysts of Gartner and Forrester, who are middle-class in Marketing Resource Management (MRM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM).


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