"We must be able to respond quickly to the demands of the people … it is a narrow government that …"


After returning Mohammed Boune Abdallah Dionne to the post of 1st Minister, cumulatively this time to the post of Secretary-General of the Presidency, the head of state received in his office. He explained to her the merits of his modification.
"It's a narrow government that you have to offer me. It's not going to be easy. At the same time, it will be necessary to make a change in the position of 1st Minister. It will be necessary to respond quickly to the demands of the population and to the recurrent demand of young people for employment, development issues and universal access, as I indicated in the "ligueyeul euleuk" program. "A program that fits perfectly into the emerging program in Senegal that you know very well and will correspond to the period from 2019 to 2004. We will have to work hand in hand," said President Sall.
"At the same time, I wish to entrust you with the duties of the SG of the Presidency of the Republic. When the reform is over, you can help me monitor the implementation of government action," he said finally.


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