"We forced Emiliano Sala to get on the plane," says a close friend


The novel for the disappearance of Emiliano Sala continues. Investigators found a body in the wreckage of the plane that was found last Sunday.

As the investigations continue, a very disturbing revelation was made this Tuesday, February 5, 2019.

A close friend of the player revealed the departure conditions of the disappeared. Maximiliano Duarte, his name seems to discredit Willie McKay, the Scottish agent who loaned Piper Malibu to the forward transferred from Nantes to Cardiff.

"There is a great truth behind all this is that there is a culprit because Emiliano has never decided to get on this plane." Emiliano Sala was forced to board the plane that night, Monday, January, when the weather was not good, "says his childhood friend America Media News.

No information at the time on the identity of the body that was aboard the plane that had transported Emiliano Sala.

The device that disappeared from the air since Jan. 21 was found Sunday on the Canal by a private research team.

Investigators revealed on Monday that they also discovered the body of one of the occupants, but no one knows if it's Emiliano Sala, or Dave Ibbotson, the pilot of the plane.

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