"We did not run after a gold record"


A few months ago, Dj Arafat was attacking Serge Beynaud, today is the opposite. Ivorian singer Serge Beynaud blames his eccentric Coupé counterpart.

Dj Arafat has had time to solve all his legal problems. From now on, he performs actions that will make him win the famous Gold record. A project that is really important to him and that he keeps making clear.

Arafat Dj released a new album "rebirth". It is through this album that the peculiar coupé artist hopes to get the album Gold.

But during that time, since it is about rivalry and also merit, his opponent Sergeant Beynaud had fun to bring in another novelty at the same time. He took the opportunity to send a veiled peak to Arafat Dj.

"We do not run after a gold record, it comes to you when it's fine. You need publicity," said Serge Beynaud.

For now, the Daishikan has not yet reacted. The one who has become increasingly rare in social networks, Arafat is expected to remain on this path of wisdom and silence.

Even for his traditional marriage, Arafat made no noise. His fans learned through indiscreet mouths. Had marriage made that wiser?

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