We could see targeted ads on our TV screens


Many French households are increasingly attracted to streaming platforms. Therefore, it is perfectly normal to question some laws that govern the world of television. Especially in the field of advertising in order to establish fair competition between the two parties. In any case, this is what the new draft of the Competition Authority intends to reformulate the audiovisual.

It is with a view to a future audiovisual reform that the Competition Authority has discovered its desire to rebalance competition between traditional television and online broadcasting platforms, especially with regard to advertising.

Everyone knows that VOD services are attracting more and more fans in France, and we must say that this phenomenon is not about to stop. In fact, in addition to Netflix and Amazon, Apple and Disney will also soon launch their own streaming site. However, these new actors are not subject to the same laws that traditional television should follow. So how can we restore even a semblance of justice?

Put advertising at the heart of the problem

It seems like advertising is the hot spot in this story, especially targeted advertising that is still banned on TV today. It should be admitted that on the net, it is easier to reach the tastes of Internet users according to the websites they are accustomed to visit. If this type of advertising was not possible for 10 years with the radio transmission, it is not at all the case with the presence of the cash register. It would therefore be possible to send advertisements referring, for example, to the region where the viewer lives.

More than targeted ads, it's also about empowering some new entities to do their own advertising. In fact, some sectors, such as cinema or publishing, can not advertise for purely economic reasons. If nothing has been decided yet, the Competition Authority proposes to launch some tests in order to verify if all these bans really exist today.

The fact that he could not broadcast movies on TV some nights was also questioned. It should be noted that this is a measure taken in the context of cinema protection. But will this ban still apply today? I am not sure in agreement with the Competition Authority. We expect to see changes in the television world soon because of this future reform.


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